I have over ten years experience teaching art, design and architectural history, and critical and cultural studies at a variety of institutions in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Singapore. I have also taught in a number of practice-based contexts, including fashion and textiles, illustration, contemporary craft, communication design, product design and architecture.

Since 2008 I have worked as a lecturer in the Forum for Critical Inquiry at Glasgow School of Art, a highly regarded specialist arts institution in Scotland. Much of my recent teaching has focused on historical themes that continue to be relevant for artists and designers today, such as the role of discourse, improvement and determinism, agency, the role of the nation-state, globalization and corporate culture. I am committed to discussing contemporary art and design alongside historical examples so that students understand the relevance of ideas from the past. Moreover, as a trained designer myself, I am passionate about helping developing design practitioners to contextualize their own practice from a range of social, cultural and political perspectives. I believe it is important to see critical thinking not as a superficial add-on to studio practice, but as a fundamental element to practice as a whole.

A complete academic CV is available on request.